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My Grandpa Joe

My grandpa Joe gives me the biggest hugs, with his long, hairy arms.

His hugs are warmer than a bear hug, and tighter than a cobra.

My grandpa Joe gives me the scratchiest kisses, with all his bristly whiskers.

His kisses are scratchier than a cat’s tongue, but a lot nicer too!

My grandpa Joe has the gravelliest voice, when he says “Hello darling!”.

His voice is deeper than the ocean, and growlier than a lion!

My grandpa Joe has the biggest heart in the whole wide world.

It’s taller than a giraffe, and wider than a whale, and in it there is room for grandma, for daddy and mummy, my aunty, my brother and me.

I love my grandpa Joe, with his big hugs and scratchy kisses, his gravelly voice and big heart.

And I will have him in my heart forever and ever, because I know he will always carry me in his.


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The Irrelephant

The Irrelephant was an odd sort of chap,
who made comments most immaterial,
If you should ask, “how are you today?”
He’d reply, “no, I’ll have the cereal”.

One could say, “Excuse me, sir,
do you know the time?”
But he’d reply, “Indeed it is,
and what a lovely chime.”

All alone, the Irrelephant lived,
with not a soul to converse.
To the trees and the grass he would chatter away
but they said nary a word.

Until one day, about a mile away,
near the big watering hole,
as he talked to the leaves, the flowers and rocks,
the Irrelephant met a Flamingo.

The lanky bird was rather absurd,
in both her look and her manner.
When the Irrelephant said “Hello”,
she replied, “Oh, thank you nanna!”

“And by the by, if you happen to fly
past the swamp at a quarter to two,
they’re serving chai, and two types of pie,
so you’re sure to enjoy the view.”

From there the two became very firm friends,
and although they couldn’t be dafter,
the Irrelephant and his flighty Flamingo
lived happily ever after.

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Welcome to the world

Welcome to the world, little boy.

For now you are small, smaller than anyone would ever think a person could be, with tiny perfect hands and tiny, perfect feet and tiny, perfect everything else.

You will confuse your parents as they learn and relearn what you do and don’t like, what makes you happy and what makes you grumpy, yet with each and every thing you do you will make them prouder than they’ve every been before.

Even when they are tired, and even when they are sad, they will love you more than anything.

When you are older you will learn to smile, to talk, to run and jump and laugh and shout.

But for now you will cry and eat and sleep (sometimes not enough) and poop (sometimes far too much).

Welcome to the world, little child.

You are learning faster than any adult could ever imagine, even when you are asleep. Your mind is absorbing everything around it, things that you will take for granted when you are older, like who your mum and dad are, and that a sore belly means you are hungry, and that no one gives cuddles quite like a grandmother.

When you are older you will learn words and numbers and rules and when to break them. You will learn to cook and to build things and to plant things and watch them grow – or not.

But for now, you will cry and eat and sleep (sometimes not enough) and poop (sometimes far too much).

Welcome to the world, little man.

You are perfect and innocent just as you are, and the only things you know are the things you can see and feel.

One day you will fall in love, and be fallen in love with. You will hurt and be hurt, and do silly things and do smart things, and all of the things that you do will help you on the path to becoming the best you you can possibly be.

And all of the times you fall and cry, or are hurt and sad or feel bad for something you have done, your parents will be there to hold you and make you feel safe.

But for now, little baby, you will cry and eat and sleep and poop, you will confuse your parents and make them proud, you will live and you will learn and you will love.

July 18, 2011 at 9:00 am 2 comments



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