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Rainbow meets the Grumble fairy

Once upon a time there lived a fairy called Rainbow who was the happiest fairy in all Fairyland. It was her job to make rainbows after the Rain fairy had finished watering the earth, and she loved to share her happiness with the world.

She would dance through the sky using her wand as a paintbrush, rainbows blooming from the end to bring joy to all below.

On the other side of Fairyland there lived a fairy who was the exact opposite of Rainbow. This fairy was so miserable, she had been named Grumble by the fairies who lived near her, and they all tried to stay well out of her way.

Grumble went about with a permanent scowl on her face, and was always grumbling about something. When she saw other fairies laughing and being merry, she would grumble the loudest.

“Laughter makes my head hurt,” she would say, “and smiles hurt my eyes!”

Many of the fairies in Fairyland had tried to cheer Grumble up, feeling sorry for her because she always seemed so miserable. But all of their attempts were met with more grumbles.

One day, as a group of fairies watched Rainbow dance through sky painting rainbows, they had a wonderful idea.

“I know…” said one fairy.

“Yes,” said another, “what a marvellous idea!”

“What?” asked a third fairy, who was a little behind the others.

“We should ask Rainbow to talk to Grumble!” the first two fairies exclaimed.

The three fairies took off and flew as fast as they could to catch Rainbow.

“Rainbow! Rainbow, wait!” they cried.

Rainbow heard them, and stopped halfway through painting a rainbow to see what they wanted.

The oldest fairy reached her first, and, panting slightly from the effort of flying so fast, said, “Rainbow, we were wondering if you could help us.”

The next fairy, who had caught up, chimed in, “there’s a fairy called Grumble who lives in our town, and she’s awfully unhappy.”

The third fairy, who was still a little way off, tried to join in.

“YES!” she shouted, “WE WERE WONDERING IF – “ but she got buffeted by a gust of wind and couldn’t finish her sentence.

“We were wondering if maybe you could talk to her,” the eldest fairy said, “and try and share some of your happiness with her.”

Rainbow was taken aback by the request – she had never heard of an unhappy fairy before! But she thought it would be nice to try and cheer up someone suffering from unhappiness, so she agreed to pay a visit to Grumble.

True to her word, Rainbow went to Grumble’s house as soon as she had finished painting rainbows. She was feeling very happy and energised from all of the flying and dancing she had done, and was ready to do some cheering up.

It took some time for her to find Grumble’s house, as it was tucked well away from the rest of the town. When she arrived she saw a small, rundown hut with an unkempt garden filled with wilting flowers.

‘No wonder Grumble is so unhappy,’ Rainbow thought to herself.

She picked her way up the overgrown path to the front door and knocked lightly. Almost at once the grumbling began.

“Oh who’s come knocking on my door just when I’m busy, probably someone with something to sell that I wouldn’t take if you paid me for it, and I’m just minding my own business in my own home,” the grumbling stopped abruptly as the door swung open, to reveal the grumpiest looking fairy that Rainbow had ever seen.

“What?” barked Grumble. Rainbow was taken aback.

“Um, ah, hello Gr… um, madam, my name is Rainbow, and I er, heard that you were perhaps not so happy, and I…”

“For glitter’s sake, spit it out girl!” Grumble ordered.

“Yes, well you see, some of the fairies asked me to come here and see if I could make you happy… “ Rainbow finished tentatively.

“Happy?!” Grumble cried, “HAPPY?!” and she broke into a coarse, barking laugh.

“All these other fairies flap around like nincompoops, when I’m perfectly content in my own little house with myself for company, and you come and tell me that I need to be happy?”

“Well, are you happy?” Rainbow asked.

The question caught Grumble off guard, she had never really thought about it before.

“Well, I … that is to say, I’m not… I wouldn’t think that… and anyway, who says you need to be happy?”

“I think you do,” Rainbow replied seriously. “Happiness is very important, and it makes the whole world so much nicer! Oh please can I just come in and see what I can do to help?”

Grumble muttered to herself a bit, then stepped back and opened the door wider.

“Very well then,” she said, “if you want to waste your time that’s no feather off my wings!”

Rainbow spent the next few hours at Grumble’s house chatting away in her silvery voice while she tidied and cleaned inside the house. Grumble sat in a large armchair with a large book in her lap and pretended to ignore Rainbow.

However she watched the pretty fairy closely as she worked. Grumble had lived alone and shunned the company of others for so long, she was not used to having someone else around.

Somewhere deep in her heart she felt grateful for the company, and for the help – she had gotten so used to living with dirt and mess that she had forgotten how nice it was to have a clean house. But she was also bitter, and refused to believe that anyone would do something simply out of the kindness of their heart.

As she watched Rainbow flit about the house she felt resentment growing inside her, that this pretty young fairy could be so happy when she herself felt miserable inside. And she began to hatch a plan, a nasty plan, to show Rainbow that happiness was a waste of time.

After Rainbow had finished tidying the house, and used her wand to make it sparkle from floor to ceiling, Grumble invited her to stay for dinner.

“Oh thank you Grumble for your kind offer,” Rainbow replied, delighted that her kindness was paying off, “but I must get home, it’s going to rain tomorrow and I must be up early to make the rainbows appear!”

“Not at all, my dear, you must dine with me, and you can spend the night here too. The armchair folds back and is very comfortable,” Grumble replied smoothly.

So Rainbow stayed the night, and after a bland but filling meal of stew she went off to sleep in the armchair, dreaming happy dreams of clouds and rainbows.

But after she fell asleep, Grumble came creeping into the living room, took Rainbow’s wand from the mantelpiece where it lay and silently stole away with it.

“No more rainbows for you, miss happy!” she chuckled to herself as she took it and hid it under a rock in her garden.

“We’ll see how happy you are tomorrow when you wake up!” and she too went to sleep.

The next morning dawned and Rainbow woke as the first sunlight crept through the freshly cleaned windows.

She leapt from the armchair, fresh from a good night’s sleep, and turned to pick up her wand – but it was gone. Rainbow cried out in dismay and dropped to all fours, thinking it must have rolled onto the floor.

Grumble, waking slowly after another restless night, heard her cry and made her way out to living room.

“What are you looking for?” she asked innocently, seeing Rainbow scrabbling around desperately on the floor.

“My wand!” cried Rainbow, “I can’t find it!”

“Oh dear,” said Grumble, “I hope that naughty imp didn’t take it! There’s an imp hiding somewhere in my garden, he takes all manner of things. I must have forgotten to warn you to hide your things from him.”

“Oh,” said Rainbow, crestfallen, “does he ever bring them back?”

“No, not at all,” Grumble lied, “although I did find my glasses down by the pond at the bottom of the garden once.”

Rainbow jumped up and ran out the door, down to the pond to look in vain for her wand.

Chuckling, Grumble went to the kitchen to make breakfast. She put the kettle on to boil and began to prepare some eggs, when she realised that Rainbow had been gone some time. Worried that Rainbow might be searching the garden and could somehow find the rock under which her wand was hidden, she made her way down to the bottom of the garden.

As she got closer, she heard a sound that was seldom heard in Fairyland – crying. Rainbow was sitting by the pond, sobbing like her heart had broken. Grumble paused, feeling a twang of pity, and more than a little guilt.

Shuffling closer, she put her hand on Rainbow’s shoulder.

“There now young one, what are these tears for? We can go to town this afternoon and get you a new wand.”

“Oh,” said Rainbow, “oh it’s not that. It’s just, it rained this morning before the sun rose, and everyone will be waking up and waiting for the rainbows to appear, and they will be so disappointed. Without my wand, how can I paint rainbows and bring joy to everyone?”

Now Grumble was starting to feel awfully awkward. “Well, surely they won’t mind that much, I mean they’re only rainbows.”

Rainbow looked up at Grumble with astonishment in her eyes.

“Oh but they’re not!” she exclaimed, “they’re so much more than that! When it rains, the water brings nutrients to the earth, and gives life to all of the plants and animals on it – including us! It washes away dirt and leaves things clean and new. A rainbow in the sky is like a beautiful smile across the world, to say that everything is new again, and everyone can be happy and know that it’s a new day.”

Grumble stared at her in amazement, then looked around her. Surely enough, even her tired old garden looked brighter after the rain. She saw a few bright flowers poking their heads through the bushes, and smelt the fresh, earthy scent that rain brings.

She had never noticed before how beautiful the world could be, and now that she saw it, she felt something that she hadn’t in a long time – she was happy.

Looking down at Rainbow, she said hesitantly “there is one other place that the imp might have taken your wand.”

She led Rainbow to the rock where the wand was hidden, and lifted it up. Rainbow gave a cry of pure joy and took the wand from the mud where it lay.

As Grumble stood back up, Rainbow grabbed her in a big hug.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you for finding my wand!” she cried.

Grumble remained stiff, unaccustomed to wild hugs.

“Yes, well er… I’m certain if the imp were here, he would want you to know how sorry he is,” she said awkwardly, staring at the ground.

Rainbow smiled and lifted Grumble’s face to look her in the eyes.

“I know,” she said, and Grumble knew that her terrible act had been forgiven.

With that, Rainbow took flight with a shriek of delight, and sped off, twirling and tumbling through the air to go and make rainbows.

And as Grumble watched her go, dancing joyfully through the air, her face began to break into a smile, which widened until she broke into laughter, so pure and fresh it seemed to lift everything around her.

From that day forward, Grumble the fairy became known as Glimmer the fairy, as a glimmer of laughter was never far from her eyes, nor a kind word from her lips.


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