Lists, lists and more lists

January 16, 2012 at 8:32 pm Leave a comment

This is what my life is right now – LISTS!

I know, I haven’t posted in a week and a half. I have been slowly writing my post about how I will organise my time to make time for writing, but I keep running out of daylight hours to actually take photos of my nifty tools (and in a small, dark house, natural light is a BIG help.

All of these lists and the running out of daylight come down to one thing: In 9 days I am GETTING MARRIED! Yep, we’re taking the plunge, making it official, walking the plank (wait, is that not a metaphor for marriage? My mistake!) etc.

I fully intended to keep posting in the few weeks between New Year’s Eve and The Wedding, but that just hasn’t happened. I’m too distracted by all these lists (and attempting to check things off them) to focus properly on my writing in addition to my day job (apparently they like it when I actually work – go figure!).

So I promise that after next week I will be back, blogging and sharing stories and other such exciting things. But for now I think I need to admit defeat, and remember that even though this is a nice, simple, stress-free wedding, it is still a wedding and needs a bit of my time and attention right now.

Of course, I’ll also have some wedding pictures to share – I know how much everyone loves those!

So for now, I shall bid you a fond “see you later”, and leave you with these couple of tidbits:


xox Chrissie


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2011 over and out I am a married lady!

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