The Irrelephant

October 23, 2011 at 9:06 am Leave a comment

The Irrelephant was an odd sort of chap,
who made comments most immaterial,
If you should ask, “how are you today?”
He’d reply, “no, I’ll have the cereal”.

One could say, “Excuse me, sir,
do you know the time?”
But he’d reply, “Indeed it is,
and what a lovely chime.”

All alone, the Irrelephant lived,
with not a soul to converse.
To the trees and the grass he would chatter away
but they said nary a word.

Until one day, about a mile away,
near the big watering hole,
as he talked to the leaves, the flowers and rocks,
the Irrelephant met a Flamingo.

The lanky bird was rather absurd,
in both her look and her manner.
When the Irrelephant said “Hello”,
she replied, “Oh, thank you nanna!”

“And by the by, if you happen to fly
past the swamp at a quarter to two,
they’re serving chai, and two types of pie,
so you’re sure to enjoy the view.”

From there the two became very firm friends,
and although they couldn’t be dafter,
the Irrelephant and his flighty Flamingo
lived happily ever after.


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