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Monday will mark the start of a new chapter in my life, when I officially start my new job! I’m excited, nervous, sad, confused. Friday was my last day at my previous job, at a company I’d been with for just over four years. For a Gen Y I’m pretty sure that’s the equivalent of 20 years for any other generation =p

Just kidding! But still, leaving all the friends I’ve made over the past 4 years was difficult. Just this morning I was thinking; “I should tell X about this on Monday… oh wait, I can’t.”

I was so hesitant to do the whole “farewell” presentation thing, but I am glad I did. It’s good to say goodbye properly, and quite a few of my friends weren’t able to make my after-work drinks. Plus, I got lots of hugs and this super-awesome custom farewell card created by the production department:

Don’t mind the lines on my the legs, the picture’s printed on paper that’s glued to the card, it got slightly wrinkled on the train ride home. Still awesome though! I’m going to frame it to go in my new office, in the hopes I can convince visitors that that’s what I look like in spandex.

In fact, leaving work was so much fun I think I may have to do it more often! Although, my new “office” will be my spare room, and there’s only two other people working in Perth (one of whom I worked closely with at my past job – yep, we’re leaving within one week of each other and going to the same place! Hi Angie!).

While working from home sounds great (and hopefully will be), I thought I’d make a list of the things I’m going to miss versus the things I’m looking forward to. If nothing else, it will be interesting to look back at in a few months time and see how I feel then.

Things I’ll miss

The friends – I have genuinely enjoyed working with such great people over the past four years, and I will miss a lot of them. I’m determined to keep in touch with as many of them as possible, but I know things can change once you leave.

Conversation – I’m a borderline introvert, so the idea of being by myself isn’t too bad, but I have a feeling that I will end up talking to myself a bit. I’m just so used to having people to talk to that this could be a difficult adjustment!

The view from the train – the place where I worked was not exactly picturesque, we were mostly surrounded by various construction sites. But the train line I used had some of the most amazing views in Perth. We’re so lucky here to have amazing park and bushland so close to the city, and I will miss seeing that every morning and afternoon.

Things I’m looking forward to

Gaining two hours back every day from commuting. TWO HOURS! That’s 10 hours per week! What will I do with myself? Well, that leads me to the next few things I’m looking forward to!

More time with my fiance and our animals. I always hated working so far away because I felt like I wasn’t able to spend enough time with all our little critters. I’m going to make a concerted effort to use that time for good not evil to spend with them.

Entertaining! This is both a matter of time and necessity. I will have more time to keep the house in order and entertain, plus I am under strict orders from Matt (my fiance) to have people around/go out more so that I don’t get too isolated. That is one instruction I am happy to follow! I love entertaining 🙂

It will be interesting to see how I go working at home. I’m still pretty cautious, but excited at the same time. Hopefully things go well!

So now it’s over to you – what’s the biggest change you’ve made recently? Did it cause myriad emotions, or did you just take it all in your stride? Do you actually believe that I look that good in spandex? Because, you know, I totally do!

Update – first day down, and I’m already learning. My lessons for today (aside from learning how to actually do the job) were:

It’s really hard to make the transition from go-to girl to the newbie who knows nothing;

Who are you calling lazy?

I can actually forget to wear shoes to work and not get funny looks (except for the cat, who looks at me funny anyway); and

The cat has a very stressful life which involves sleeping on one dining room chair for half the morning, then moving to a different dining room chair for a late morning nap, followed by snoozing somewhere else in the house (I don’t know where, but she stopped bugging me every time I popped out for awhile), then, for some exercise, shifting her bowl around the laundry and knocking over the mop (I think she was mad that I wouldn’t let her into the office with me).

In fact, I feel I’ve gotten to know Saphira a lot better just in this one day at home.

So far, in spite of having to go through being a noob again, I’m quite enjoying the challenge of learning a new publication, a new style and a new way of writing. Hopefully I pick things up quickly over the next couple of days!


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