From junk room to jam room

August 28, 2011 at 7:30 pm Leave a comment

I had this past week off work, and some very grand plans for what to do with it. Unfortunately, the best laid plans of me go oft awry, and of course that cold that had been hanging over my head for the previous… I don’t know how many weeks, finally struck.

I was under strict orders from Matt (my fiance and a Mac/IOS game blogger) to rest up, so of course I listened like the good little girl I am. Ha! Not. Instead, I decided to spend the time that he was at work clearing out and rearranging the spare room of our small 2×1 house so that he could have space to play the drums.

Being that our house is quite small, and over 40 years old, it is not designed with a lot of storage space and gets cluttered very easily. It had become all too easy to throw things into the spare room and forget about them, however space is at a premium and I wanted to make the most of what we had in there.

After a couple of days work, here is how it all turned out:

The spare room, from the doorway – before

From the doorway – after

A lot of the stuff visible from this angle now will be sold, given away or donated in the not-too-distant future, so while there is still clutter there, it won’t be allowed to pile up again.

The room overall – before

The room overall – after

There’s still a lot to do to get that room the way I want it – the bikes are stored in there for now, to keep them away from a certain kitten who likes to stick her claws into the tyres, and those styrofoam boxes will probably be used for outdoor storage, since they’re fairly well sealed.

I’d also like to change out my old king single bed for a fold out couch to provide sleeping space for two (or more, depending how friendly people are feeling!) and brighten the room up with new curtains and cushions and maybe even a rug – the one we’ve got there is scrap carpet that Matt uses to stop his drums sliding away, but I’m sure we could roll that up for easy transport when he plays elsewhere and get something nice to use full time.

So this room is still definitely a work in progress, but it is a lot better and a LOT more functional already. I’m no longer afraid to walk in there, which is a very nice change.

Have you made any changes in your houses this week? Or are you planning something fun?

xx Chrissie

PS – the second part of The Whoopsie Daisy is coming, I promise!


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